Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow I'm tired of slow internet

The internet has been worse than ever. I tried to download an hour of All Things Considered today. After 3 hours, it was only 2/3 downloaded and I gave up.

I have been wary of sitting down to download pictures and repeatedly turned away, so I haven't had an update lately.

The M's put Washburn on waivers and he was claimed. Hooray!
Then they pulled him back because the Twins wouldn't give enough. Come on! They'd be giving plenty! They have to pay him $11M next year and the M's could use that money a little more wisely. Put him on irrevokeable waivers please!!!!!

I got cable recently. Hooo boy. When I have a little more patience, I need to put a review of it with pictures and video. Incredible, just incredible. If Pacific Island Cable was a major league baseball team, they'd probably luck out and win 1 game, but go 1-161 with lots of 0-40 games. Think of all the times you have been frustrated about bad cable or dish tv... then add it all up and times it by 1000...then if you take that and spread it over, say, 3 days, you have the average 3 days of cable here. For example, yesterday, they realized that they don't have the rights to show the Olympics despite advertising that for weeks and that being the cause of me getting cable now... oh, and BBC and CNN have been blank for 2 days. This is just the tip. No matter how much I put on here about it, you wouldn't believe it unless you were able to actually experience the awfulness.

More good weather lately...high 70s, low 80s and not much rain.

Work is more of the same.

That relay finish in swimming was pretty awesome. (though I had to watch it on Youtube)

Restaurant reviews:
Bay cafe
OK, this is preliminary since I've only eaten there one time, but it is maybe an island 10. They have sandwiches for $1.75 and the are actually good. Fresh bread, lots of toppings, non rotten vegetables, what else can you ask for. For Tutuila, I thought that was probably too much to ask. Island 9.9 Off island 7, at least for the price.

Golden Chopstick:
Ghetto place by the canneries that we've talked about for well over a year. We finally went there today. It was very disappointing. There were no rats, dogs, chickens, or cockroaches inside. Actually, that's not true, there were cockroaches, but they were just on the potato big deal. Anyway, despite the name, they don't serve Chinese, but instead the same yucky greasy Samoan fast food that they serve in 1000 other places on the island---all the same. Maybe the chicken was a little better than average. There were drunk guys there dancing, so that was a bonus. Island 4 Off island 0.

Thank God Jake Locker wasn't seriously hurt.