Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantasy Football Draft Today

So make sure you are signed up and ready to go!

It is at 8pm Pacific (4pm Samoa).
What time is that in B.Farmerland? midnight?

Ack! The M's are losing again right now. This is a huge game. If they lose again, they're almost out of the AL West race. Win and they're still within 3 and they keep it managable. Why do they ever pitch to Vladimir?

Catch up to August 12

On August 5, we went to Airport Beach for Weave's last time there. It turned out that he got to go there one more time before he left though.

We went to Sean, Jessi, and Jayden's going away party after work on the 10th. I wish I would have brought my camera in. I missed getting pictures of Jessi doing the Tahitian dancing, Mark's singing, and just last pictures of the Colettis. They were the best neighbors you could ask for and just super nice good people. They'll definitely be missed.

It also turned out that the last weekend wasn't Gonzalo's last party before being deported to Argentina. He had one more on the 10th.

Like his snake shirt? It relates to the badger song

Gonzo made everyone pizza:

Then the usual, one more time for him:

The next day Gonzalo left.

We played sloshball despite his loss. He was pretty happy to be going back to Argentina. He had been on this island for four years. Losing Gonzo is a big, big loss to the Association.

One good thing here is that the US nutritional infor laws and many other health laws apply. One bad thing is that there's little or no enforcement.

For example, Nate got this bottle of tea.

He thought it was pretty sweet for having "no added sugar".

Check the ingredients though: mystery solved. No actual sugar, but plenty of corn syrup and honey.

That Sunday we went to Sliding Rock again. The waves were even bigger this time. At the end, they were even getting too big. That's a really great place.

catch up to Aug 4

On the weekend of the 3rd, Gonzo had a going away party over at the Mexican Compound. He wasn't leaving until the following Saturday, but he didn't want to be hungover for a 24 hour flight. We got him a pinata because how else to celebrate a Mexican going away party?

Afterwards it turned into a dance party. It was an especially good time.

The next day we went to Nu'uuli Falls for the Badger's (and Weave's) last time:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, strike that about getting out of District Court. The court denied admission to Shelley, so that means I'm still stuck in District Court. Unless some miracle happens and the CJ changes his mind, I guess I'm there until either Shelley can fix whatever the problem is or until they hire someone new. They did hire one guy on a temporary basis, but he's waiting for his bar results. So if he passes, maybe he'll go in District Court in a couple months. Just super.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I think I'll get the blog caught up to real time this weekend. In the meantime, I'll interrupt with a movie review, fantasy football news, and M's comment.

Harry Potter 5:
It is good, but not as good as the last one. It is probably #4 or 5 of the HP movies per my ratings. It just isn't as fun as most of the other ones. That's probably because of the dark storyline to this one. 6.2

Who wants to play fantasy football? Andy set up a league that drafts this coming Wednesday at 8PM Pacific. It is free, on Yahoo, and the league info is: League #: 549695
Password: I think it is Seahawks, but I am not completely sure. If that doesn't work, email Andy: or email me and I'll figure it out.

Finally, if the M's win today and the Angels lose, they are tied for 1st. The M's haven't been in first since the 3rd game of the season I believe. If the playoffs started next week and the M's were in it, the starting pitching possibilities are pretty funny. I'm guessing Felix would start game one. Game 2, who do you start? As incredible to believe after how the season began, I'd say you start Weaver. Then whichever one of Batista and Washburn is not starting game 3, you have them be ready to possibly come in in the 1st if Weaver is off that night.

It looks like I may have done my last traffic court this week, and if not then next week will be my last. Yay!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


For my birthday, Weave, Naomi, Fred, Nikki, Gonzalo, Maximo, and Nate were going to take me to the best restaurant on the island, La Falepule. However, it is hard to get in there and there are many difficulties. We had reservations, but then the owner/chef got stuck in Tonga so we had to switch to the Equator restaurant. Also, Maximo was still stuck in Western Samoa.

It ended up being really good. I had ribeye and it was real steak! That was extremely nice of everyone.

Check out Nate's Bills safari:

Then back at Weave's house, there was more good stuff. Naomi had a pie made for me and Weave got ice cream from Samu, the good ice cream place on island.

The radio station here plays about 10 songs over and over and over again. Probably the most offensively awful band they play is Hinder. They play Hinder over and over and over again despite the obvious fact that they really suck shit. Weave was kind enough to get me a Hinder T-shirt.

I thought that was pretty great.

The angry giraffe has caught on here too. Naomi had decals made of the angry giraffe for my birthday too. Here's one on my wall.

Also, Sean and Jessi gave me free laundry for the month which I thought was really nice and really funny.

So it was a really good birthday. Thank you.
So continuing on...
On Sunday the 22nd, we went to Hong Kong House to see Justin off and make sure he has at least one more good meal before leaving to the relative food wasteland of Hawaii. I bet they don't have spaghetti chow mein there eh?

Then the next week passed without anything too interesting. This week and the next one were really busy at work because we had stacked a few weeks worth of cases up because there was an appellate session down here the week before.

The next Friday, Fred and Nikki made their house into a dance club. It was a great effort and ended up being really fun. I didn't bring my camera, but Weave did a nice job of documenting it here
I think Alden almost didn't make it.

The next day, there was a surprise party for Jessi.

There was a really big turnout for it and Markus even made her a tree of cupcakes for her birthday.

We hung out at the Colletti fale and then went to Jeff and Merideth's because Samoa Steve:

was leaving the next day. He's going to Hawaii for a few months for a job and then hopefully will be reassigned back down here.

That Sunday, we went to Sliding Rock. This is not like the one in Western Samoa where you slide down natural water chutes.
This Sliding Rock is on Tutuila and the sliding to be done is on this huge flat shelf of rocks near the ocean. The rocks are really slick and to do it you get a run at it and then stop and slide on your feet. The problem is that the rocks are slick, and being rocks, quite hard. Nobody actually does this except some crazy local kids. The reason to go there is that if you keep walking past the flat rocks you get to this series of big tidepools. They are more than big enough to swim in and are crystal clear with tropical fish in them. It is a really beautiful place.

It gets better though. Between a couple of the pools there is a constant flow of water and where it comes in forms kind of a natural jucuzzi. You can sit in the water there as it massages your back and head and the water fizzes like there's a ton of alka seltzer being constantly dropped around you.
Then, in the big pool, occasionally a wave crashes over the rock wall that seperates it from the ocean. The wave creates a torrent of water that sweeps you down about 50 feet, and sometimes pretty fast. It is really, really fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I know, I've been horrible again. Sorry.
I'm going to try to catch up over the next several days if possible.

First though, look at the M's! 1st place in the wild card now.

All right, now back in time. During the week, it has mostly been the same stuff. Inexplicably, they have not hired any more attorneys so we remain at about half-staff and I'm still in District Court. Overall, it isn't that bad, but I am really tired of traffic court. It is so long, so boring, and yet, still a touch stressful (though much less so these days). So Tuesdays still suck. Also, I have a little island fever and need a break from here, but I don't know when that's going to happen. Anyway, OK, so what to include?

I guess I have to include the events of July 20:

I went to bed a little early while there was a party going on at my house. I tried to get up after a little nap but I was still too tired. I walked out on the patio and everyone advised me that, yeah I looked tired and probably should just go to bed again. I should have recognized something was up by being let off so easily, but I didn't. Plus, why would Weave come in and take a picture of me while I'm sleeping and run out laughing?

It turns out that everyone had just finished wadding up a ton of green paper that Gonzalo had been packing around in the back of his car. I mean there was a ton of paper. I didn't see any of this until I got up:

Some hicks must have done this:

Barbie was extremely thoroughly wrapped up and it took a while to get it all off. Along the way I found neat thing wrapped inside such as palm fronds, banana leaves, beer cans, and cigarette buts. The best surprise came once I got through the plastic and to the sheets of paper that were blocking the view to inside. What was their purpose?

All that green paper was generously donated to Barbie.

There have sadly been several departures of important people from the island the past several weeks. Justin was first. He's the coolest college student we know... and he's a rooster.

So that next night we had a final party for Justin who was leaving to go to college on the big island of Hawaii. By the way, I notice that today there's a hurricane heading there. That'll be fun I suppose.

The party was a tribute to Justin: hangout out at my house and drinking some beer. It was a good and appropriate sendoff.