Saturday, November 3, 2007

Should you chew on live electric wires?

No, you should not:

A rat climbed inside the back of my oven and then had a craving for metal and/or streaming electrons. If this happens to you, don't chew on the wire...even if you really want to. This message goes out to rats and mice too. I have no problems with rats/mice killing themselves if that is what they want to do. If this rat would have killed himself outside in the jungle somewhere, I'd never have known and that would have been ok with me. But, since he started to decompose IN MY KITCHEN, I kind of noticed.

Finding where he was and then removing him was fairly unpleasant. And it was really hot in there.

For those of you that go to Apia on a somewhat regular basis, I think I forgot to mention that last time we were there we found another good and cheap restaurant. Roko's:

If you are on the start of the cross island road in Apia, turn to go to Girodano's and follow that road til the next road that is parallel to the cross island road. Then head back towards downtown, and Roko's will be on your left.

So I had my first jury trial this week. The defendant only had one witness and he was clearly lying since they couldn't get their story straight. My witnesses were a court clerk and the marshall of the high court. The jury believed the defendant. Incredible. But, whatever, that's how it works sometimes, and it wasn't exactly the most serious crime.

Last Saturday was Tisa's Tattoo Festival.

Out at Tisa's there was a big party with lots to tattooing and tattoo contests and Samoan dancing. So we rented an aiga bus to pick us up, take us there and then drive us back.

Riding around on the bus is fun.

Plus it might be a little safer for after the tattoo festival riding home.

While there we saw plenty of tattooing, dancing, and drinking. Here is a picture of the traditional "Hey everybody, I'm wasted and am going to dance beside the stage" dance:

After the performance part was over, we jumped in the water and all hung out there for a long time. It was extremely nice. The water temperature has changed now. It has gone back from warm to bathwater and will just get warmer until about March when it starts to "cool off" again.

Professor Speicher was in attendance:

Movie review:
So I put The Inside Man in my queue. I received it and I got a movie called The Inside Man, but it is from 1984 and is a Swedish movie about submarines with Dennis Hopper in it. I watched it for about 20 minutes, but it was just too bad to keep going. Seriously awful, but not even in a Ghost Rider, Ghosts of Mars kind of incredible/funny way. It is just stupid and boring. I give it a .5 just because 0 is reserved for torture movies such as the Joy Luck Club, Remains of the Day, Like Water for Chocolate, and the like.

We were talking about who should play ther parts in an A-Team movie the other day. I checked IMDB and supposedly there is one coming out next year. They don't have casting set though. Who do you think should play the roles? Here's what I think:

BA: Michael Clark Duncan
Murdock: Steve Buschemi
Hannibal: Sam Jackson
Face: Either Ryan Reynolds or Scarlett Johanson
Col. Decker: Either Jason Statham or Gary Busey

I tried not picking them last week, and that didn't work. They have to get things together sometime right? If Willingham gets outcoached by Jim Harbaugh in the 2nd half today, that might be about the last straw. I think/hope that won't happen though. Huskies 45 Stanford 10

Bennett is an idiot if his plan is to really move the Sonics or to make things work in Seattle. He and his partners have made pretty much either option impossible by the way they have done things. But, whether he really is that stupid or not, things will eventually work out for him in Oklahoma City unless he keeps up the just moronic way he is going about things. If he stops adding gas on his conflagration now, I think the NBA will find a way to put an expansion team or Memphis in OKC with him as owner. The danger for him now though is that he makes himself look so stupid and ridiculous that the NBA just doesn't want to deal with him anymore.
There's no way the Sonics are leaving. They can't get out of the lease. There's a specific performance clause in the contract, so they can't just move and pay damages to the city. A judge will order them to play out the contract. Something will get done with a fixed Key Arena by 2010. The Sonics will probably actually be good by then too. Durant looks good.

Today, we're going to the beach fales by Vatia to hang out for Liz's birthday. Then this evening Leti and Ayla have a polynesian dance performance at Maliumai to raise money for a dance trip. I think most of the people I know are going, so it should be pretty fun.

Seahawks 38
Cleveland 28 (though, I'm afraid of Derek Anderson in Seattle- I think he hung 500 on UW 2 times)

Watch out for wires.


kccalla said...

OK, #1 - I can't imagine what would have attracted a rodent into your kitchen. Afterall, even the crusted pasta sauce that splattered onto your stovetop seven weeks ago would be unappetizing to a rat. #2 - How many days did it take you to realize that the smell of the decaying rat was actually something different than your feet? #3 - Did you repair the wires? Nothing a few zipties won't fix. Maybe there are some in your car?

Aaron Masser said...

1. I don't know why a rat would be in my house. Everything is completely spotless, kind of like a clean room at a microchip plant.

2. I think it was 2.

3. The wires didn't need repairing, the rat didn't chew through the coating, but tried to chew on the connections between the wire and the stove, so he didn't cause any damage (except to himself).

Elizabeth said...

Holy shit.

You need a cat man. A really, really big cat.

Like a leopard. Or a jaguar.

This island is so crazy.

KDub said...

You should get one of these.

KDub said...
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Sean, Jessi and Jaydn Coletti said...

Aaron- that is so gross! Thank you once again, for helping me get over my AS hoesickness! Now everyone knows who to call when they have a dead are a professional!

Anthony said...

How random! Not a pleasant find. But I'm sure you could google a recipe for it