Saturday, November 17, 2007

Huskies leading at halftime again...

They're up by 9 to begin the half. I'm sitting here listening to the game over the internet. UW provides the radio call over the internet for free.
I could hear the halftime show in the background of the halftime show. Sometimes the halftime show is terrible "fans join us in this Husky band tribute to composers of Central Asia. Sometimes it is not bad. I wish I was there today. The Husky Band played the songs of William Hung!!! I think this is hilarious anyway, but today's game is against Cal:

William Hung went to Cal.

After he finished he got a pretty nice hand and he says, "Go Huskies!" Much bigger applause.


kccalla said...

Plus, he was all dressed up in Husky gear!

kccalla said...

Why the Huskies might now be fixed: Think back to 2002 - back when we used to be disgusted with a 7-5 regular season and a trip to the Sun Bowl. Other than that embarassing trip to El Paso (which we would all salivate over now), another terrible thing happened that year - we lost to Cal. At the time, this was unthinkable. We would never lose to Cal! It didn't matter how big of a lead they had or how little time was left in The Game, we would find a way to win. That's exactly what we had done over the previous 16 meetings.

Except for 2002. We lost. By a touchdown. I couldn't believe it. We were in the stands, shell-shocked. This obviously alterred some sort of mystic power, because we went on to lose 5 straight to Cal. Over that span, we have gone through three coaching staffs, sunk down to the depths of the Pac-10, suffered embarrassing losses to Nevada, Stanford, and a 65-7 (or something like that) loss to Miami.

Yes, the darkest hours of Husky Football have followed that unthinkable loss to Cal. But now there is light. The spell has been broken - we finally beat Cal!! Cal is in a free-fall, they have hippies living in the trees, throwing a wrench in their stadium upgrades, which will probably send Tedford to greener (more construction-friendly) pastures. Cal will find a way to lose to the Huskies for the next 15 or so Games, and the Dawgs can once again return to Pac-10 dominance.

KDub said...


kccalla said...

Hey, Halftime ended almost a week ago! You think you can update us on the rest of the Game?

Huskies 44
Cougars 38

KDub said...

Huskies 40
Cougs suck