Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It has been somewhat uneventful here this week. I've just been reading cases at work trying to get caught up with cases that are ongoing. Nothing is terribly pressing- oh except for a murder trial next week.

Last Saturday I went to a fundraiser at Maliumai for Ayla and Leti's dance group. That was cool and Maliumai is a nice place by the beach that, for some reason, we don't hang out at night very often. Here it is in the day:

So the Huskies finally won a game. They handily beat Stanford. That's a good step, but Stanford is awful. Now if we can win the rest of the games, that'll be something.

Seahawks can't run. They look like the Reggie Williams Huskies. So, they should stop running if it doesn't work the 1st quarter. The NFC sucks, so that still might be good enough if the passing game works.

If anyone wants to meet me in New Zealand, I'll be there from January 27 through February 19.